GAZI Communications has both Financial and Operational resources to provide the Nationwide Wide Area Network infrastructure based on industry standard technologies. The company has enormous skill sets to design, deploy, operate, manage and maintain the entire network. GAZI Communications provides MPLS VPN bandwidth to extend connectivity Nationwide for Corporate clients both Government & Private sector. 
  • Absolutely Secured Real Private IP Network
  • End-to-End VLAN with 3DES/AES Link Encryption
  • Access FIVE Satellites from a Single Hub Chassis (C/Ku/Ka - Satellite Band)
  • Easily build multiple outroutes from a single hub for an aggregate throughput of up to 360 Mbps per Chassis
  • Capable for  real time services like VoIP and Video with integrated NMS
  • Support Star, Mesh, SCPC or Hybrid networks
  • Attain the highest bandwidth efficiency in the industry
  • Increase service offerings with new IP applications such as multi-casting and distance Learning  
  • Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) with Group QoS
  • Virtual Network Operator Support
  • 3-Tier Architecture with Carrier class - fully Redundant of each & every components
  • SINGLE Satellite HOP between Head Office and remote Locations
  • Juniper Networks, CISCO & iDirect certified professionals