» NET
  •    Secure+ :
    VPN Connectivity between Head office and remote sites using external security   devices like IPSec / K9 routers etc.
    •  Build an affordable secure Nationwide Network
  •   Shade: 
    High Speed Internet Connectivity anywhere in the country between 7 PM to 7AM
    •  Ideal for Call Centers and Night Hawks
  •  X-net : 
    High Speed Internet Connectivity simply anywhere ..
    •  be connected at high speed


  •    Raid:
    Cost effective, reliable and secure Connectivity for POS & ATM Applications
    • Setup POS or ATM Anywhere/Anytime
  •  Oversee:
    Cost effective, reliable and secure Connectivity for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Applications
    •    Get the critical Data from the factory, depot, pipeline,   highway, irrigation systems, dams etc in real time.
  • Watch:
    IP Camera enabled service for remote surveillance    
    • See the real picture…get live pictures from your remote  offices / factories delivered  straight to your office or @   home


  •    On-line : 
    Solution for Bank Branch Network, designed to prioritize critical banking application traffic, and simultaneously run other applications including ATM, etc.
    • No matter how remote your office is ….
  •   1-net : 
    Corporate Conne
    ctivity for all kinds of traffic include ERP (Enterprise Resource  Planning) like SAP, Oracle, People Soft,
     Intranet, E-Mail, Internet etc.

    • Bring your organization Together.


  •  Res-q : 
    On-Demand Connectivity for backup / disaster recovery   applications  
    •  No Downtime
  •   Meet : 
    Save time and resources with virtual meeting through on-demand  video conferencing
    •  It’s like being there……
  •  e-learning : 
    Two-way connectivity solutions for Distance Learning and Telemedicine
    •  Education and Health for ALL