GAZI Communications iDirect network is a carrier grade infrastructure built using state of the art networking equipment. The iDirect platform has been 100% redundancy i.e. it has Primary Protocol Processor, Secondary Protocol Processor, Primary NMS & Secondary NMS, 1+1 Upstream/Tunnel Switch and 1+1 Radio Unit. Incase of any problem in the primary equipment, backup equipment will take over without any delay. In addition to the on site redundancy, SpeedCast (Technical Partner) HongKong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Islamabad Teleport iDirect HUB will provide Full Teleport backup to ensure 24x7 basis to keep the network up & running.

The entire network is connected with iDirect VSAT Backbone and offers multiple access technology options. This unique approach allows customers to get connected quickly and easily with very short time lead, eliminating many of the hindrances encountered in Radio/WiMAX with a Fiber or copper-based last mile connectivity provided by incumbent Service Providers. GAZI Communications IP/MPLS network is designed with "no-single-points-of-failure" architecture. All critical equipment and links are deployed in redundant mode. GAZI Communications commits network availability in excess of 99.7% and has actually achieved substantially higher network uptimes regularly.

The key challenge lies in deploying connectivity networks in terrain that is often hostile and has absence of infrastructure of telecommunications. It is virtually impossible to provide connectivity on Fiber/Copper throughout the country. GAZI Communications VSAT on the other hand can be ideally used to provide connectivity at a reasonable cost. This will permit the country to leapfrog generations of telecom connectivity to bring the benefits of technology to the people.

GAZI Communications provides connectivity using VSAT technologies for access in the rural areas. Our solutions using iDirect VSAT technology deliver the highest Quality of Data, voice and video. With the largest VSAT capacity infrastructure and the combination of the highest levels of networking skills, GAZI Communications emerges as the automatic partner for rural and beyond-the-metro connectivity.

GAZI Communications is a Class 'A' VSP and specializes in providing high bandwidth connectivity to corporate customers. We offer Dedicated, Secure and Managed Internet/Intranet access to enterprises with the highest service levels. The entire solution in backed by GAZI Communications world-class network across Nationwide.    
  • Fully Star/Mesh Backbone Network with Standard C-Band
  • No single point of failure and fully redundant network
  • Ensure Bulk Spares for Remote Terminals with immediate replacements
  • Proactive network monitoring from GAZI Communications NOC